Why Sage Hosting Is A Real Thing For Tech-Savvy Accountants And CPAs

The modern accounting world is the proof that technology accelerates every industry it touches. Whether it is data or relationships with clients, advanced accounting software is effective enough to deal with all. Before the emergence of cloud technology, CPAs and accountants have been handling very complex financial data on spreadsheets. However, it is difficult for … Read more

Are you aware of the latest tech news?

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10 tips for tech writers

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7 Tech Trends To Add Your Small Business To Attract An Angel Investor

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Make your home into a high-tech hotel room

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Networking Blues: I’m not tech savvy

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5 Emerging Tech Trends for Career Improvement

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Fitness Tech and Training K and A with Team USA Strength and Conditioning Coach Rob Schwartz

I recently had the opportunity to interview Rob Schwartz, a Team USA Strength and Conditioning Coach for Acrobat & Combat Sports. Rob now works with Olympic athletes who compete in gymnastics, boxing, Tae Woon, judo, fencing, wrestling, synchronized swimming and diving. I wanted to pick his brain and gain some insight into how sports fitness … Read more